Home Drug Test Kits

One of the growing concerns in our society today is the rising rates of drug use especially among teenagers. Moreover, drug use among teenagers, employees, students and parents poses a very serious threat to their physical and mental health. Therefore, the use of home drug test kits have become very common primarily because it is one the best ways to establish whether your loved one has been abusing drugs. Most teenagers think that they will only experiment with drugs once but in most cases they experiment with it more often and they end getting addicted to these harmful substances.

Home drug testing kits can help you identify drug use in the early stages and avoid addiction by stopping current use and preventing future abuse.

What are the benefits of using home drug test kits?

Confidentiality: Testing can be done in the privacy of your home

Parents, family members and friends can privately and safely test for substance and drug use in the privacy of domestic premises. This gives parents and guardians the ability to take control before the experimentation turns into an addiction. Moreover, this is also very important for people who live in small communities where discussion in the doctor’s office can easily become community knowledge. Home testing also eliminates concerns about drug test results and statistics ending up in national databanks.

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One of its main benefits is the convenience they normally provide to people who are home bound for reasons such as limited funds, illness or lack of transportation to a health center where laboratory tests are available. You can order a home drug test kits online from the convenience of your domestic premise and the kit is delivered to your home. You can also carry the item on vacation because it can be used anywhere without any trouble or invading physical privacy.

Easy to use

One of the main features that make these home testing kitsvery popular is their ease of use. You do not need any training to use the home testing kits. Therefore, the test can be administered by a guardian or parent because they quite to handle and they provide clear visual results that can be easily understood and interpreted. This eliminates the need to go for time consuming and expensive laboratory tests. Moreover, the home testing kits come with clear instructions for conducting the tests and also interpreting them without the help of a qualified examiner.


Quick, accurate and reliable results

Home drug test kits provide reliable and accurate results within a very small amount of time. The use of disposable test kits to answer questions that have been disturbing you decreases the stress caused by waiting for the test results because such tests are normally done within a few minutes. Moreover, you do not have to book appointments, collect samples, deliver them to laboratories and wait for the laboratory results patiently.


It can detect various drugs and substances

Home drug test kits can detect various drugs that are very popular especially among teenagers. This includes marijuana, opiates, cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines, heroin, salvia and alcohol.


A hair follicle, saliva or urine drug testing kits are cheaper as compared to laboratory tests. Therefore, it provides a cheap option of ensuring that you besides maintaining a drug free environment, you can also protect your loved ones.

Deterrence for teenagers: Encourages a healthy style 

Although parents sometimes suspect that their children are abusing drugs and other substances, it is quite difficult for them to know for sure because teenagers will never tell the truth even when asked. However, proactive parents and guardians are employing every strategy and tool available in the market to fight against drug use. The use of home drug test kits is proven to be a very effective option in stopping and preventing drug and substance abuse. Parents need to understand that testing their children does not mean that they don’t trust them. This is simply a way of showing that you really love and care about you loved ones by ensuring that they make wise choices and stay away from it.

When your children know that you can easily test them for drug use at home, they are more unlikely to use it because they know that they will be caught. You can also use the kits test surfaces where drugs have been consumed. In case your child is abusing drugs, testing them provides them with a convenient and easy way of getting out of the situation and also ensures that they are following your instructions not to use it.

Testing before an official drug test

Nowadays, some job opportunities require drug test to be conducted on prospective employees mainly because it is a safety requirement in some work places. Due to the negative impact of drugs on workplace safety, vigilance is maintained by subsequent regular random drug testing. Some of the jobs that require regular tests include pilots, drivers, doctors, offshore rigging work, law enforcement and some construction work.

Workman’s compensation also requires drug examining especially before the employee is granted benefits after injury. Therefore, athletes, students and prospective employees can easily determine whether they are clean ahead of time by using home drug testing kits. This helps you to avoiding the embarrassment and disappointment of failing a drug test at the workplace.

home testThe use of home drug test kits is becoming more popular as the rate of drug abuse increases and as parents and employees become vigilant and strict in a bid to maintain a drug free environment. Home drug test kits provide confidentiality of test results, safety and convenience of the testing procedure, a drug free environment and the peace of mind because you are guaranteed that your loved ones are safe from drugs and other harmful substances. Early prevention and detection is much better than other serious consequences of drug use such as jail or rehab. Additionally, the home drug test kits can save lives by helping you make some critical decisions regarding medical care for your loved ones because they can help diagnose problems that would easily go undiagnosed.

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