What do illicit drugs do and how long do they last?

Put an end to your anxiety about your kid’s drug use with a home drug test kit!

Just imagine your teenage son coming from school looking all messed up with bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and feeling dizzy. How do you feel and what will you do? You make him eat something and ask him to hit the bed. But would the thought that your son might be a victim of drug abuse occur to you?

Peer pressure and curiosity are strong influences in a teen’s life. Give your teen the extra support he or she needs to say no. Whether you are trying to prevent drug use, discover possible drug use, stop current use or just be reassured that he/she is free from it, home testing will help. Early detection and prevention is better than cure, jail, rehab, or worse. There are numerous, freely available drugs out there whose presence you can test in your loved one.

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Drugs like Amphetamine are used for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obesity, performance and cognitive disorders, increases focus and decreases appetite and fatigue. But if used frequently in high doses can cause irritability, aggression, psychosomatic disorders, psychomotor agitation, obsessive behaviors, paranoia, diarrhea, constipation, blurred vision, dizziness, erectile dysfunction, headache, fever and in extreme cases, even coma. Similar is the case with barbiturate, also known as barbs, birds, Christmas trees, goof balls, pinks, yellow jackets, etc. Though it is prescribed by doctors to treat sleeping disorders, if taken for recreational activities, will give you euphoria, excitement and a different high initially but with repeated abuse, can even lead to respiratory arrest and death.

People might also know about these fatal drugs through movies, Internet or books. Drugs like benzodiazepine, a.k.a. rophies, roofies, etc. known to treat anxiety and muscle spasms, though shown in the media as fun drugs, can be deadly. They are also sold by the trade names of Valium, Xanax, Librium, and Ativan. Governments in various countries are trying hard to ban their manufacture but still these drugs are sold illegally giving rise to sexual assaults and other heinous crimes.

Nowadays, the party culture emboldens youngsters to try cocaine, marijuana or ecstasy just to get that high to enjoy and dance away the night. By injecting, smoking or consuming these drugs, reduced fatigue and inhibitions make way for high energy and sexual libido. But what fun is it when you do not remember what happened last night, whether your drink was spiked or you were sexually abused. These drugs do exactly that, as the fun is only short lived.

Cocaine, manufactured from the coca leaf, is also famous as crank, blow, coca, etc. The possibility of stroke and heart attack is a reality, especially when mixed with alcohol. Other side effects can be memory problems, rot teeth, damage nasal passages, lung problems; chest pain, cardiac arrest and sudden death. Partygoers also enjoy the love drug or ecstasy. In fact, some parties are even promoted by naming ecstasy tablets on their menu. Also known as MDMA, the effect can last up to six hours after which you will not enjoy dehydration, increased heart rate, blood pressure, high body temperature, heatstroke, kidney, liver and cardiovascular failure and death.

Marijuana, though considered herbal by its lovers, is equally destructive. These dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant are either smoked or boiled to make marijuana tea. Also called grass, cannabis, bud, smoke, herb, pot, weed, ganja, dope, etc. long-term use can adversely affect the immune and reproductive system.

Some of these recreational drugs are used for treating opiate addiction. Drugs like methadone, also called juice, green; chocolate chip cookies (methadone or heroin combined with MDMA), fizzies, wafer etc. are injected or taken orally. Methamphetamine, a cheap drug made using battery acid and drain cleaner, is again a slow poison, damaging whatever that comes in its way. For starters, you will love opiates, a drug derived from the opium plant, but with time it will cause irreversible damages to the body and mind. Drugs like oxycodone or heroin, propoxyphene and phencyclidine or PCP can also become destructive and make you suicidal.

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All of these above mentioned slow poisons could be traced by home testing kits. A person’s hair test can be done within 90 days, blood test within 12 to 24 hours and urine test within 4-10 days of drug consumption. Home drug testing kits are much simpler as compared to going to the nearby lab for testing. You just have to read and follow simple instructions on the manual. Your kit will say the result within 4-6 minutes as opposed to couple of days in lab, which will charge a bomb for a simple test. You can keep this sensitive matter to yourself, in your home.

Save your loved one from this slow death. Tell them that you are always there for them and remember that we are always there for you.

Employer Drug Testing – A growing trend.

Nowadays, many companies implement the periodic drug testing in the workplace of their employees to see whether they have been engaging in drug use.  Many organizations find this as a useful and meaningful way to keep track of not only what their employees are doing in their free time, but also how they are representing their organization.  This type of employer drug testing is also done to make sure that the employee is carrying out the job safely.  Most private organizations are not required to drug test their employees, with a few exceptions.  Most employers, however, do have the right to test for drug use, including a wide variety of possible substances.  Other reasons as to why an employer might drug test employees is so that the employer can qualify for workers’ compensation discounts.  Another reason might be to save money and maintain productivity, and to also avoid legal liability.  It is a good idea for both the employer and employee to familiarize themselves with the drug testing process so that there is no confusion and possible legal issues.

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When an employer decides to drug test employees, this testing must be carried out legitimately and maintain confidentiality.  Employer drug testing can be required under a variety of conditions.  One of these conditions takes place as a routine exam, whenever the employee is required to get a physical.  Another situation where testing is becoming a growing trend is pre employment drug testing.  Some places require a drug test to be taken in order for an employee to be qualified for a particular job.  “Reasonable suspicion” drug tests are used extremely often, and generally take place after an employer has observed an employee for a certain amount of time, and suspects that based on their appearance, behavior or other factor that they could be taking drugs.  The primary issue with this type of employer drug testing is that not all of the employees are being tested, which could create obstacles of fairness.  Other situations when a person would be drug tested would be if there was an incident that took place on the job that might lead the employer to believe that the employee was under the influence.

There are many best practices that all employers should follow if they are to implement periodic drug testing in the workplace.  The first practice would be to effectively communicate to the candidate or employee the company’s position of drugs within the workplace.  This is the best way to prevent any bad situations from occurring, and is also a way for the employer to reassert their company mission.  Another practice would be to keep all drug test results confidential.  There is nothing more unprofessional than leaking information regarding someone’s personal life that should be kept secret.  If this information is not kept confidential, it is very possible that the organization in question could face legal consequences.

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why an employer might decide to drug test employees.  The best way to go about this would be in a professional manner after both the employer and employee have been fully educated on this process.

Drug testing in the workplace

The Best Home Drug Test

There are a lot of different reasons these days as to needing to find the best home drug test and there are a lot of different drug test kits out on the market which makes it difficult to know what ones are best and what ones are the best value. In my site I will outline the best products and show you the benefits of using home drug test kits while also outlining how to use them and why you should be using them.

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At home drug tests have not been around for that long but are becoming more and more popular as the rate of drug use and abuse has been increasing. There are many reasons as to why you would use a home drug test kit such as:

  • Want to drug test you kids to see if they are using drugs.
  • May want to test areas or surfaces where you think drugs have been consumed.
  • Want to drug test your partner to see if they are using drugs.
  • Want to drug test your employees to make sure they are not high when at work or driving.


You may also need to buy the best home drug test to test yourself for a number of reasons including:

  • You may need to take a drug test to get a job (employer drug testing) so you need to make sure you are clean before your official test.
  • You may be tested regularly for your job so you need to make sure you are clean. These jobs include: offshore rigging work, pilots, doctors, drivers, even some construction work, law enforcement etc.
  • You may want to test yourself if you use drugs and you want to start trying to become pregnant then you would want to make sure all of the drugs are out of your system.

Very recently there has been a steep increase in the amount of new designer / synthetic drugs that have previously been undetectable but now the testing technology is finally starting to catch up so you can now test for these such drugs including synthetic Marijuana and “Bath Salts” which is another synthetic drug that people snort up their nose. You can also get the home drug test kits to test for Marijuana (weed, pot, skunk etc.), Cocaine, Crack, Ecstasy, methamphetamine, Amphetamines, Morphine, Codeine, Heroin and PCP to name a few.

So if you need to find the best home drug test on the market and want to get some valuable information on the subject then you have come to the rite place. Click on the “Drug Test Kits” menu option up on the top menu to see the selection of the best home drug tests.

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